Do You Know Your Carbon Footprint?

posted by Drivr, August 10, 2015
As the general public becomes more conscious of global warming, more and more businesses are seeing the benefit of reducing their company’s carbon footprint. Many find that their efforts towards becoming more efficient can result in cutting cost. Better still, the advantage being looked upon more positively by the consumer is the potential to enhance the brand. With that in mind, after doing all that can be done internally, encouraging employees to reduce their carbon footprint is the next logical step.
One of the most common tips given for employees is to make their daily commute more efficient. Suggestions generally include keeping an efficient car, carpooling, taking public transportation, and biking or walking to work. Many of these options, however, may be more inconvenient than an individual employee is willing to take on. Public transportation can take more than twice as long as driving and organizing a carpool can be stressful. Ultimately, if the choice is between reducing time and stress on the commute and reducing a carbon footprint, going green is more likely to be put on the back burner.
At Drivr our solution is here to help reduce the number of cars on the road, provides a stress-free and work friendly environment, and is 100% emission free. Drivr provides the benefit of all-electric luxury fleet of Teslas that are able to transport up to 4 passengers. That’s the potential equivalent of taking the carbon footprint of 4 cars off the road. By using Drivr to transport employees, not only reduction of the company carbon footprint measurably improved, but so is the potential efficiency of the employees. Each Tesla is equipped with complementary Wi-Fi that will allow for working during the commute. There is also the added benefit of removing the stress of the daily commute, which can help employees to become more productive during the day. Overall, adding Drivr to your company’s carbon reduction plan is an excellent solution.